Pilescam kit -Piles Ayurvedic Kit for Fast Relief

Natural medicine for piles patients that provides relief from rectum pain, bleeding, burning sensation, and swelling.

Helps regulate bowel movements

Helps improve blood circulation

Helps to ensure better digestive health

Helps to obtain relief naturally

Helps prevent bleeding, often observed during defecation

Helps to reduce digestive concerns, mainly constipation

Help reduce rectum swelling, and burning sensation while passing stool

Helps to prevent infections in the affected areas

Rs. 1,650.00
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How To Take Pilescam?

Morning Dosage:
-With 1 glass of water, preferably lukewarm, take 1 capsule, and 1 spoon of herbal churana/powder.

Evening Dosage:
-In the evening, take 1 Pilescam tablet with lukewarm, or normal water.

Best for who?

Simply saying- for all those who are dealing with Piles, this herbal solution is best.

Even if your piles is at a chronic/serious stage or doctors have advised you of surgery, you can still try Pilescam. From easing your rectum pain, and discomfort to complete relief from piles, your journey will be full of comfort, and positive results.

Piles Relief, Natural Way

Unlike other medicines, the main purpose of pilescam is to get into the exact root causes of your problem and heal them naturally. This herbal medicine basically involves

Better Digestive System: Besides providing relief from piles, and the associated problems thereto, the consumption of the Pilescam Kit also shows effective results for the overall digestive system, and keeps it strong, healthy, and disease-free.


Natural and Best Results: Being made from all-best, and natural ingredients and herbs, one can always expect satisfactory, and desired results after adding Pilescam to their routine. 

No Side Effects: Free from all sorts of harsh substances, and chemicals, the herbal medicine provides a safe approach for the treatment of piles, and one can rely on it without any fear of side effects.