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Our Special Products

The gentle touch of nature's best herbs and ingredients

Our powerful whole-food ingredients and full spectrum herbal blends work synergistically to enhance your daily Healthcam Remedies

no.1 ayurvedic hospital

Why Choose Healthcam Remedies

Beyond symptom management, aiming a happy, healthy and disease-free life for every patient coming to us

30+ Years of experience

With a heritage of over more than 30 years of experience, we have successfully ensured relief to countless patients across the world.

Natural Healing :
All the medicines at Healthcam Remedies are prepared using the best herbs and ingredients that have been used for ages to enhance the body's overall wellness.



Apart from being 100% natural, the medications at Healthcam Remedies offer a safe medical approach as they are approved by all the required quality standards.

Individualized Treatment Care
At our hospital, it is always ensured that each patient visiting us gets the most effective treatment/medicines that suit his/her unique body constitution and governing dosha in the best possible way.