Ayusafe Denta-3 Mouthwash (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)

A Natural toothpaste, made with all-natural ingredients and herbs that are known to be the best for dental health.

Help strengthen gums and reduce tooth sensitivity

Help reduce bad smell and leave the mouth feeling fresh

Help fight harmful dental bacteria

Help prevent cavity formation

Help ensure gentle polish and whitening of teeth

Help maintain overall dental, and oral health

Help to stop falling of teeth, and its deterioration

Help alleviate toothaches, and other dental pain/discomforts

Rs. 299.00
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How To Use?

1) Add 2 drops of Ayusafe Denta-3 to your wet toothbrush.
2) Do gentle scrubbing of your teeth.
3) Spit the foam once done with the brushing.
4) Do this every morning, or after eating a heavy meal. You can even do 2 times brushing, it will be more beneficial.

Best for who?

From kids to senior-aged citizens, Ayusafe Denta-3 is best for all individuals/groups who are looking for herbal medicine/toothpaste for their dental problems.
Even if you just simply want to enhance your dental health, substituting your routine toothpaste with Ayusafe Denta-3 can help you a lot.

Try it today, and observe the results yourself.

Healthy Teeth, Naturally Yours

From kids to youngsters, and senior-age citizens, dental problems are quite common among all. But considering your beautiful smile, and to ensure you with a beautiful one, and healthy gums, we represent this natural toothpaste- Ayusafe Denta-3.

Best for teeth: Each and every ingredient used in the formation of Ayusafe Denta-3, is quality-approved and has been used for ages to ease dental problems, and make teeth strong, and healthy. 

No-fluoride, only herbal: Unlike other market-based toothpaste, Ayusafe Denta-3 contains no fluoride or other harmful ingredients that may adversely affect dental health. 

Dental problems, miles far: With routine usage of this herbal toothpaste, all your dental concerns no matter if it is bad breath, yellow teeth, cavities, toothache, or deterioration, will start to ease.