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Detox-age Capsules: Ayurvedic Antiaging Medicine

Detox-age Capsules: Ayurvedic Antiaging Medicine

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Let age be just a number, and never let it affect your beauty and confidence. Admiring this ideology, Healthcam Remedies has introduced Detox-age capsules that work none other than magic for your constant aging. Each of these capsules is a secret of timeless well-being that helps you age gracefully.
Crafted utilizing the wisdom of natural herbs, these capsules deliver a safe, effective solution for all age-related disorders. But that’s not all. Apart from ensuring healthy aging, the infusion of these pills helps boost immunity, improve eyesight, reduce stress, and overall rejuvenate the body system.

Ideal dosage

Take 1-2 capsules twice a day, or as per the guidance of a doctor/ healthcare expert.

QT. Herb QT.
Aloe vera 40 mg. Triphala 50 mg.
Wheatgerm 35 mg. Kamal beej 25 mg.
Trikatu 50 mg. Kachnar guggal 40 mg.
Spirulina 50 mg. Dalchini  20 mg.
Noni 35 mg. Varunchall 40 mg.
Amla  25 mg. Choti Elaichi 25 mg.
Papaya leaf 25 mg. Tej patra 15 mg.
Giloy 25 mg.


Blessed with white lotus seeds, these tiny capsules statue the constant ageing of the skin, and make it more glorious, healthy, and wrinkle-free. Well-known for improving liver health, these capsules also rejuvenate the whole system thoroughly and effectively.

Now what’s the delay for?

Incorporate these capsules into your routine and let them guide you toward a beautiful and vibrant future.

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